3 Ways Levolution Helps ITOs Have a More Successful Launch

Cryptocurrency has faced a lot of controversy in the past few years, regardless of whether its stock is up or down. The confusion and turmoil have made it increasingly difficult for entrepreneurs launching ITOs, often keeping exciting projects from getting off the ground, possibly preventing new ideas that could be just what cryptocurrency needs to turn mainstream.

Levolution was created as a solution for project creators who want a smarter way to launch. The company not only links project creators to marketers, lawyers, and consultants they can trust, but they also find interested participants and help insulate tokens against value fluctuations that can ultimately kill a start-up before it has a chance to really start.

Trusted Service Providers

When opportunists caught wind of the success of ITOs, it wasn’t long before they started crafting schemes of their own. And while much of the fraud they commit is against ITO participants and the general public, some target the project creators of the ITO, as well. So-called ‘cryptocurrency experts’ charge hundreds of dollars an hour for marketing tactics that are ultimately worthless.

Levolution has a robust database of verified service providers that entrepreneurs can use to further their goals. For a truly successful launch, you need vendors you can count on to get your idea in front of the right people without breaking any compliance rules. Everyone within the Levolution database has been thoroughly vetted, and project creators can read reviews from previous clients before going forward.

Levolution is serious about doing its due diligence for everyone on its platform, using strict KYC rules to virtually eliminate the chances of fraud. In addition, Levolution continuously solicits feedback from previous customers to ensure that their service providers remain consistent over time. Those who use Levolution are required to leave accurate feedback for the companies they choose to work with, ensuring that all new users receive up-to-date information.

Token Value Protection

Cryptocurrencies offer so many benefits for the public, but their infamous volatility has proven a major roadblock to mainstream acceptance. Levolution knows that market fluctuations can stop a launch dead in its tracks, which is why they’ve created a custodial fund to limit how much turmoil the token undergoes during their launch.

This service will support project creators after development by optimizing the total value of the funds raised during the launch. Levolution can’t protect tokens from every peak and valley, but it can help protect any funds raised enough to give project creators more room to take the next steps.

Levolution was developed to give project creators every possible advantage, but this particular benefit is one that entrepreneurs won’t find anywhere else. Because project creators are up against some fairly discouraging odds these days, the custodial service gives users an edge to open their token up to the larger world.

If project creators have questions about how they can best use the custodial service to their advantage, Levolution also offers its own white glove advisory service so customers can get the advice they need to adjust their business model and maximize their chances of success.

Participant Outreach

Contributors take interest in ITOs for any number of reasons, but they also can’t be expected to keep up with every new launch because there are simply too many of them, and the very best projects are often lost in the rising tide. To solve this problem, Levolution uses their vast network of sales teams to put their customers’ projects in front of participants who will actually care. They can also target contributors based on their end goals.

Levolution has a network of potential contributors to call upon all over the world. Their sales teams specifically look for jurisdictions with token-friendly laws, like the UK, Austria, and Germany, so that project creators won’t run into legal hurdles down the line.

For example, if there’s a potential participant in Switzerland who wants to support companies that take power away from the central banks, Levolution will ensure this individual knows about the ITOs that fit their criteria. Their network is an untapped market of successful backers that can help an ITO pre-sale conclude successfully.

The Levolution Solution

Anyone who works in the tech industry knows there’s no such thing as a perfect launch. The very nature of technology means the standards and goalposts will be constantly shifted based on everything from public expectations to the latest social engineering scam. But a poorly designed launch can undoubtedly hurt a project creator’s chances of ever seeing their dreams come to fruition. The Levolution platform makes it easy to find service providers, decrease market volatility, and find backers that will commit to your cause. It’s the best possible way to lay the groundwork for a successful start.




Levolution is a blockchain-based ecosystem intended to provide enterprises & entrepreneurs with the knowledge, resources, and ability to launch a token offering

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Levolution is a blockchain-based ecosystem intended to provide enterprises & entrepreneurs with the knowledge, resources, and ability to launch a token offering

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