The Rise and Rise of IEOs

Unearthing the Concept of IEOs

In an Initial Token or Coin offering, any contributor can buy tokens by sending funds to the smart contract address of the project creator. On the contrary, an IEO requires the participant to register on the specific hosting exchange and buy tokens by sending funds on that exchange’s account.

Why is the Grass Greener on the IEO Side?

  • Easier Participation
  • Enhanced Security and Confidence

The recent case of Bittrex threw light on such practices of exchanges to choose user profits over personal gains.

  • Lower Price Manipulation

How Token Issuers Benefit from Exchanges?

  • Valuable Business Assistance
  • Access to an Extensive User Base

Bottom Line

Along the course of their adoption, IEOs have picked up a lot of names, ranging from “An Improved ICO”, “A Matured ICO”, “A Mutated ICO” to an “Evolved ICO”.

Levolution Joins the IEO Bandwagon

After surpassing its soft cap in the ITO round, Levolution has initiated its IEO on the reputable Coineal Exchange, hailed as one of the topmost exchanges on Coinmarketcap with $13Bn Monthly Volume.



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